General Information

Job Title:

Solo Pastor

Job Description:

Bethlehem Christian Church is seeking a solo pastor whose primary duties would be to preach the Word and give pastoral care to the members and their families.


Position Qualifications:

A Master of Divinity degree and at least five years pastoral experience are desired.

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Bethlehem Christian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(336) 260-4907





City, State

Elon, NC

Description of Organization

The congregation is mostly middle class with a mixture of high school and college graduates.  Most of the members were raised in the rural communities near the church

Our facilities include a large sanctuary with an attached education wing, a separate fellowship hall, picnic shelter, and large playground.  These facilities can accommodate a considerable increase in attendance.  Available to the pastor is an on-site four bedroom ranch-style parsonage with landscaping, garbage pickup, and a utilities allowance.We are an established rural congregation in north central North Carolina twenty miles northeast of Greensboro.  The attendance at the traditional style Sunday morning worship service is between 50 and 75.  Although we are affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, the church is independently governed by the congregation.  Our theology is evangelical and Arminian.

If interested please contact Kevin Burke (336-260-4907 or


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