General Information

Job Title:

Shepherding Pastor

Job Description:

The Shepherding Pastor

– …will be a member of the Executive Leadership Team (alongside the Oversight Team Chair, the

Teaching Pastor, and the Director of Operations).

– …will receive compensation commensurate to an executive level pastor, if qualified.

– …will receive mentoring and encouragement from Trinity’s founding leaders.

– …will lead, train, and expand the Shepherding Team.

– …will provide training to the members of TPC on caring for “One Another.”

– …will provide triage care for most “Shepherding Situations” of TPC. (Shepherding Situations are

defined as a member experiencing an extraordinary trial, temptation, and/or lack of repentance.)

– …will provide advanced training to male and female members who have the gifts and wisdom to

serve on Care Teams utilized by the Shepherding Team.

– …will contribute to the training of Community Group Leaders. (Community Groups and CG

Leaders are given direction, encouragement, and accountability by the Oversight Team/Pastor.)

– …will create a network of counselors and mental health providers to utilize as needed in

Shepherding Situations and Shepherding Cases. (Shepherding Cases are defined as Shepherding

Situations that require authoritative spiritual decisions.)

– …will preach 3-5 times a year and lead the liturgy 3-5 times a year.

Position Qualifications:

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(863) 286-5007




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Lakeland, FL

Description of Organization

Trinity was planted in 1997 and has invested significant resources (prayer, disciples, and money)

into six church plants since 2005. (Visit to learn more.)

- The current membership of Trinity is 600 +/- with 1,000 +/- attendees (including all communing

members, covenant children, and regular attenders).

- Trinity is honored to serve as the Regional Church for Campus Outreach Central Florida.

(Visit to learn more.)

- The Elders of Trinity are working through a multi-year process to function more effectively.

The Full Council of Elders operate through three teams (Oversight, Teaching, Shepherding).

Each team is comprised of elders, staff members, and lay leaders.

- With a 2024 budget of $2.35m, Trinity owns (with no debt) a 50,000 ft2 building.

- Trinity is perfectly situated in downtown Lakeland, the anchor city of the fastest growing county in

Florida. (Visit to learn more.)

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