Account Payments

Payments on Accounts

Please read before continuing with payment:

Payments made toward a student’s account do not qualify as tax deductible gifts. You are making a gift to the student not RTS.

At Reformed Theological Seminary, we provide people with the ability to make payments on accounts in various ways:

  1. MyPortal: Student account balance and student rent payments should be made through MyPortal ( by the student. This is the quickest and most efficient way to see your balance paid down and have the payment reflected on your student account.
  2. Non-Student Payment Page: Sometimes churches, parents, friends, or others wish to help make payments on a student’s account. The best way to do this is to use this link. Once on this page, please click the option to “Pay as a guest” and enter the student’s last name and student ID number. Student’s last name and ID are REQUIRED. These payments are not tax deductible because they are applied to a specific student’s account.

If you are receiving an error or are having problems processing your payment and need further assistance please contact Student Billing 877-923-1717.