Are you looking for job candidates that share your values?

Other job boards force you to sift through hundreds of candidates that look phenomenal on paper but lack the character and convictions your church, company, or organization desires to hire. The RTS Vocational Services job board seeks to place your employment needs in front of an audience that possesses the character and convictions you seek to hire.

The RTS Vocational Services job board is provided as a service and does not imply endorsement for any advertised employment position. We encourage applicants to review the theological distinctives of a congregation or the values of a company for fit when applying for employment.

Vocational Services
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Through Vocational Services, You Can:

  • Gain access to one of the most popular Christian job boards in the world
  • Discover prospects that are great fits for your organization's culture
  • Reach thousands of RTS alumni, current students, and others domestically and globally
  • Post your job at no cost to your church, company, or organization

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Anticipate receipt of candidate applications which match the culture of your ministry or business.

“Within 24 hours of posting a featured position with RTS, I received several qualified applicants. But even better than applicants qualified for the position, we received the right applicant. We extended a job offer less than two weeks after posting our position because God used the RTS job board to bring the right candidate to us.”

Steve Jeantet, Ph.D.
Executive Pastor, Covenant Life Church, Sarasota, FL

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It is free to post with RTS.

If you would like to upgrade your post to a featured listing, a cost is associated.

Vocational services averages nearly 15,000 page views each month. In addition, we will begin driving traffic to our featured listings proactively through ad campaigns and weekly Facebook posts.

By selecting to invest in the visibility of your position, the RTS job board can increase your opportunity of finding the right candidate quickly for the job.

Select Submit a Listing then follow the instructions given. You will be taken to an entry form where you can input the job listing details.

We do not allow job listings in the following cases:

1) Church or business charges an application fee.
2) Job falls outside the focus area of RTS values and convictions. Please contact us if you are uncertain about whether your job meets this criteria.

In addition, we reserve the right to reject any job listings for any reason.

Furthermore, the posting of any job description on the RTS job board does not constitute or imply any endorsement, recommendation, or affiliation with those entities or the materials contained therein by Reformed Theological Seminary.

New Listings:

  1. Submit your job listing at Submit a Listing and select the interest box to have your job featured.
  2. RTS will review the submission for approval.
  3. If approved, RTS will send information regarding featured selections and payment options.
  4. Upon payment, the job listing will be moved to the desirable featured listing option(s) for the time frame chosen.

Current  Listings:

  1. Select Upgrade my Listing and complete the form with all requested information. (This requires the current approved RTS job listing url.)
  2. RTS will send information regarding featured selection and payment options.
  3. Upon payment, the job listing will be moved to the desirable featured listing option(s) for the time frame chosen.

Please allow up to 3 business days for your job posting to appear on the website.

Please allow up to one business day for your job posting with featured listing request.

After you complete your listing, it will be reviewed by our site administrators before being added to the live website.

All listings are set to post for three months (90 days).

Featured listings can be posted as long as requested, per receipt of monthly payment(s).

Posting length can be extended by request using the Edit a Listing form up to a week before the listing expires.


To edit or remove a listing at any time, use the Edit a Listing feature and complete the form.

Unfortunately a removed post cannot be reactivated.  However, an extension can be requested by using the Edit a Listing form up to a week before the listing expires.

Featured listings are billed on a monthly rate. One or multiple months can be selected upon payment of which the listings will be featured.  All featured listings must receive approval from RTS to be selected as features.

All funds are invested directly back to RTS and its mission to serve the Church by preparing its leaders – pastors, missionaries, educators, counselors, and others through a program of theological education committed to the Reformed faith.

We use Stripe to collect all payments. You can find out more about their privacy policy.

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