You should be able to pursue seminary training wherever you are.

Are your commitments to family, church, and work making it difficult for you to attend seminary on a residential campus? Access stellar, theological education through our online classroom according to your schedule.

We remove barriers to help every student reach their goals.

With 40 courses offered year round, you have more choices for your schedule and course study.

Classes are 100% online, so you will have no need to travel to campus.

The unique audio and video components of courses allow you to go at your own pace and study how you learn best.

What's My Financial Investment?

With the rise of student loan debt, we know that cost is one of your top concerns. Rather than cutting corners to lower tuition, we’ve partnered with churches and believers around the world to offer stellar education that is affordable.

Why? We believe that no one should have to go deep into debt in order to study God’s word.

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