Reformed Theological Seminary

Alumni Stories

“Besides the professional benefits, my education has helped me to be a healthier person, have a healthier marriage, and maintain healthier relationships.”

Kirsten Adams Mission to the World

Jude Vilma

“During my time at RTS Orlando, I learned that the desire to be a minster is a noble calling, and an essential skill for ministry is self-awareness.”

Eunike Bentson

“This seminary clearly loves God’s Word and God’s people so much that they want to make theological education available for everyone.”

Rev. Skyler Flowers

Grace Bible Church Oxford, MS

“The church has been an ideal place for me to grow and learn, applying much of what I learned at RTS Orlando in the context of real ministry.”

Charles Lewis

Northside Church Richmond, VA

“I still remember walking with my dad and telling him I wanted to become a pastor. Over the last 10 years I’ve been following the Lord’s calling in that regard.”

Ben Hein

Shady Grove PCA Derwood, MD

“RTS has helped me engage cultural issues even with people who don’t share my faith.”

Rev. Elbert McGowan Jr.

Redeemer Church, PCA Jackson, MS

“Many of the professors are not just scholars, they are also pastors. It feels like these are shepherds who are teaching you and training you.”

Rev. Richard Wiman

1st Presbyterian Church Belzoni, MS

“The pastoral heart of every one of my professors was on display, constantly.”

John Rakshith Prabhakar

Bangalore, India

“The groundwork laid by a confessional seminary like RTS is foundational to me as a minister of the gospel & as an aspiring ecclesial theologian.”

Aubrey Coleman

“RTS planted the seed of a lifelong pursuit of growing in God’s Word and has gifted me with the resources to speak it into the lives of others.”

Rev. Bret Hicks

Arnold, MD

“I knew that without formal training my ability as a leader and shepherd were going to be limited, and my flock would suffer as a result.”

Rev. Stuart Bryan

Coeur d'Alene, ID

“RTS trained me to read the biblical text carefully and to apply it faithfully. It trained me to be a man in submission to God and His Word.”

Dr. Wally Hostetter

Lake Orion, MI

“Every week, I thank God for the privilege I had of studying at RTS under some of the great men of the age.”

Rev. Luke Bert

Quebec, Canada

“I would not be able to participate in the ministry I am now doing if RTS had not taught me what it meant to love God's word and his people.”

Rev. Earl Adams

Jackson, MS

“RTS helped me to be better prepared to preach the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus so that people would hear a message taken directly from the Scriptures.”

Rev. Hansoo Jin

Baltimore, MD

“One of the most practical benefits of my time at RTS is that I have tools in my ministry toolbox that help me to be a better pastor.”

Adam Powers

New Port Richey, FL

“RTS taught me that I can know the right things about God, but if right orthodoxy doesn't lead me to doxology, I am a fool.”