Alumni Stories

“The groundwork laid by a confessional seminary like RTS is foundational to me as a minister of the gospel & as an aspiring ecclesial theologian.”

John Rakshith Prabhakar

Jeremy Morrison

Titusville, FL

“The courses not only taught me to counsel others, but to more thoroughly understand myself and my own story, which I can use to help my clients.”

Moses Han

Oviedo, FL

“After my time at RTS, my love for God and others has increased, and my sense of calling to serve in the pastorate has been confirmed. ”

Kristen Adams

Mission to the World Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Besides the professional benefits, my education has helped me to be a healthier person, have a healthier marriage, and maintain healthier relationships.”

Arthur Hsu

Grace Christian Church Herndon, VA

“I have a solid education that is theologically sound & practically oriented, preparing me to serve in the full spectrum of pastoral ministry. ”

Sam Webb

Sugar Land, TX

“My seminary education has shaped my mind & heart to more fully serve the Lord in my various vocations, especially as a husband, father, & elder.”

Zach Shaffer

Dallas, GA

“My initial enrollment at RTS was to increase my knowledge of God. However, after a year or so, I realized knowing God required knowing & loving people.”

Adaeze Rotimi Folajimi

Marietta, GA

“When I had the opportunity to teach at a missions school in Nigeria in my second year at RTS, I did not struggle as much as I did before attending RTS.”

John Rakshith Prabhakar

Bangalore, India

“The groundwork laid by a confessional seminary like RTS is foundational to me as a minister of the gospel & as an aspiring ecclesial theologian.”

Rev. Bradford Green

Conway, AR

“I use my seminary training in practical ministry every day – with my RUF students, my children, and my friends.”

Dr. Natalie Ford

Cleveland, GA

“I can apply biblical principles in counseling sessions, & I have a theological foundation that has given me peace & hope in God’s sovereignty.”

Michael Farrell

RTS Orlando Oviedo, FL

“All the professors at RTS showed their commitment to the Word of God and their desire to teach it faithfully.”

Dr. Christopher DiVietro

Reading, PA

“I am more equipped for ministry, on a trajectory of pastoral faithfulness and academic pursuits, rooted in a Biblical foundation and framework.”

Dr. Greg Lanier

RTS, Orlando Oviedo, FL

“Because of RTS, I was well prepared for both of the vocations in which I serve today — as a pastor and a professor.”

Rev. Elbert McGowan Sr.

Redeemer Church, PCA Jackson, MS

“Many of the professors are not just scholars, they are also pastors. It feels like these are shepherds who are teaching you and training you.”

Rev. Richard Wiman

1st Presbyterian Church Belzoni, MS

“The pastoral heart of every one of my professors was on display, constantly.”

Dr. Irwyn Ince

DC Institute for Cross-Cultural Missions Washington, D.C.

“By the time I graduated, I knew that I must be engaged in the pursuit of multi-ethnic and cross-cultural ministry in the local church.”