Reformed Theological Seminary

Rigorous degree programs for your mind, heart, and ministry.

We aim to provide a stellar education that challenges our students intellectually and produces servants of godly character.

We don’t just care about academics, we care about you.

Seminary shouldn’t be an ivory tower. You are better served when you’re taught by scholars with real-life experience, which is why over 90% of our faculty are ordained ministers or serve in the field as counselors.


Graduates serving worldwide in over 65 countries


Denominations currently represented by students worldwide


Placement for graduates within six months of graduation


Students with some form of financial aid

Hear from alumni just like you on the impact Reformed Theological Seminary has had on their life and ministry.

What's my financial investment?

With the rise of student loan debt, we know that cost is one of your top concerns. Rather than cutting corners to lower tuition, we’ve partnered with churches and believers around the world to offer stellar education that is affordable.

Why? We believe that no one should have to go deep into debt in order to study God’s word.

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