If God is calling you to seminary it would be our privilege to speak with you about how RTS can help you best prepare for your lifetime of ministry. We will help you design a program or course of study that will be of greatest benefit to you. We will work with you to create a program plan that works best for your particular ministry, employment, and family situation.

RTS strives for the delicate balance between theory and practice, providing theologically sound “real world” training for ministry. Our desire is to help you prepare for an effective ministry and be used by the Lord to win people to Christ and build them up in the faith. RTS endeavors to provide an education that ultimately results in healthy, growing churches and Christians of Godly character who are able to discerningly apply the Bible to every dimension of life.

Over the years, RTS has been known for its innovative programs. In addition to a successful revision of the traditional Master of Divinity curriculum, RTS offers flexible block class schedules, modular courses throughout the year, and a growing network of conveniently accessible extension campuses. RTS Global offers the Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), Master of Arts (Religion), and Master of Arts (Theological Studies) degrees which allow you to pursue your theological education through online courses and other distance education opportunities.

RTS also enjoys a reputation for one of the finest Master of Arts in Counseling programs in the United States. Hundreds of families are currently being served each month through clinical training facilities in Jackson and Orlando.