Special Programs

Certificate Program

Certificate programs are tailored to meet the needs of the candidates or the requirements of agencies with which they may be associated. Missionary candidates may meet the requirements of their sending agencies by taking a one-year program in Bible, Theology, or Missions. Campus ministry candidates may find courses in Bible and theology to be a helpful addition to training that may be given by their supporting agencies. As with degree programs, a B.A. degree or its equivalent from an accredited school is required.

Center for Church Planting

The CCP is a national and international resource for church planting that specializes in training future pastors for the unique challenges, complexities, and opportunities that church planters face. In addition to offering a Masters of Divinity emphasis in Church Planting, RTS Charlotte also offers internships, mentoring and scholarships for those interested in pursuing church planting vocationally. Moreover, the Center offers a comprehensive development program focusing on the character and competencies needed to successfully plant biblically Reformed churches in the US and abroad.

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Center for Campus Ministry

Ministry among college students is one of the most significant and strategic ways to develop the next generation’s church leaders and evangelize the lost. As a result of great interest in this area within our faculty and student body, the Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) at RTS Charlotte was formed in 2009.