Vocational Services

Search our database of vocational services where students can find opportunities to serve and work while in seminary.

Field Education

Welcome to the Field Education site. Here you can find all the information necessary to get an internship started and make sure your internship will meet the requirements for Field Education. This is a requirement to graduate from RTS Charlotte with the M.Div. degree.

Research Papers

Students know that research papers are a major part of the seminary experience. RTS Charlotte wants to promote the writing of good research papers among the students and wants to encourage students when they write good papers. In addition, we want to provide a resource where students can see what qualifies as a good paper. For these reasons we are establishing a place on the RTS Charlotte website to publish the best papers each semester, called Pen and Parchment, and providing helpful tutorials on how to write successful research papers.

Student Health Insurance

As of January 1, 2019, the Affordable Care Act eliminated the Individual Mandate, which requires Americans to purchase a minimum level of health insurance coverage. There will no longer be a penalty for not having a minimum level of health insurance coverage. Due to the change in the Affordable Care Act, RTS no longer requires all full-time students (with one exception mentioned below) to show proof of major medical insurance.