The MACC is designed to provide a rich combination of theological and practical training which prepares students to effectively apply God’s word to their own lives and also to the lives of others.


This 66 credit hour degree program emphasizes a commitment to the authority and relevance of Scripture in all areas of life, and will help prepare students for their individual calling, whether it be pastoral ministry, pastoral counseling, chaplaincy, missions, youth ministry, adoption agencies, human services, or ministry in Christian counseling centers.

We teach from a “biblical counseling” perspective.  Our program shares the same counseling philosophy held in common by Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) and the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC). Our program is based upon the belief that the wisest words a counselor can speak are those from the Scriptures, as they were written to help men and women with the most difficult problems in their lives. We believe that other disciplines can be helpful as we seek to counsel, but the Bible is ultimately sufficient for Christians to live out “every good work” that God calls his people to (2 Tim 3:17).

Two Ways to Earn Your Degree

RTS Charlotte offers its Master of Arts program in both Traditional and Summer/Winter intensive tracks. Traditional students enjoy being part of the campus community and complete their degree through traditional semesters.

Summer/Winter students come to the Charlotte campus for two weeks each Summer and Winter to take intensive counseling courses. The Bible and theology requirements can be fulfilled through a combination of additional RTS Charlotte courses, RTS Distance Education courses, and courses at any other RTS campus during the Fall and Spring (normal residency requirements apply). This program allows students to remain in their church, ministry, or vocation and still complete their counseling degree.

Graduation Requirements

  1. The student must complete 66 credits as outlined in the MACC curriculum, including at least 34 credit hours at RTS-Charlotte.
  2. A 2.0 cumulative grade-point average is required for all RTS courses taken.
  3. The seminary must have on file official transcripts showing that the student holds a baccalaureate degree or its foreign equivalent.
  4. The conduct and attitude of the student must be satisfactory according to the norms of Scripture and the Westminster Standards.
  5. The English Bible exam and a 100-hour field education internship is required.
  6. The student must clear all financial obligations to the seminary.

Dual Degrees

Students in the MA in Christian Counseling degree may earn a dual MACC/MATS, MACC/MABS, or MACC/MAR degree by completing 99 credit hours.

A student may complete the MA in Christian Counseling plus the MDiv degree program in four years with a total of 139 credit hours.