Campus Life

At RTS Charlotte, we recognize that how you learn will determine how you lead. And community is God’s prescribed environment for both the learning and the spiritual formation which you will model and establish wherever you serve the Church. Surrounded by other believers, you can process out-loud what you’ve learned. You can discuss what you hear in classroom lectures at a break, on the soccer field, or over lunch or dinner with classmates or with professors.

The context of community fosters meditation on God’s Word and protects you from the temptation to lean solely on your own understanding. The structure of the community at RTS is designed to keep the head and the heart in line. Once a week students and professors come together to worship the triune God in Chapel, share a conversation over food, and lift up their hearts in a time of prayer. Monthly events such as the Faculty Forums engage modern cultural and biblical issues and special Women’s events reach out to and serve female students and student wives. For any questions regarding student life, please contact Mallie Taylor at We look forward to sharing this season of life with you!

Moving to Charlotte

We understand that moving to a new city to pursue seminary is daunting and one of the main challenges is finding a place to live. Our goal is to help your transition to Charlotte be as smooth as possible and so we have compiled a list of apartment complexes and a list of local churches to assist you.

Local Churches

Charlotte, NC, is home to many welcoming churches. Click below to see a partial list of those in the area.


Equip Workshops

The Equip workshop series exists to assist the Charlotte community by bringing in scholars and speakers to address important issues in counseling and beyond.

Harold O.J. Brown Lecture Series

We honor the memory of Dr. Brown with an annual lecture series at RTS Charlotte which bears his name. Each year, guest lecturers for the series come to RTS Charlotte to present on a topic of their choice.

Women's Bible Studies

Join us on Wednesdays from 9:15-10:30 am as Dr. Michael Kruger leads a women's Bible study through the books of Romans and Hebrews.