Jenzabar One Rollout

Reformed Theological Seminary is taking a significant step forward this fall. For the past three years, RTS has been at work to improve the software solutions we use to support students. In early October, the seminary will be rolling out a new and more advanced, cohesive, and consolidated software solution for academic records and student billing: Jenzabar One.

Jenzabar One, or J1, and its portal, JICS, will replace everything that is currently done within PowerCAMPUS and the Self-Service portal, and more.

This major overhaul requires that we stop using our current registration and finance systems for a brief period to prepare for the changeover to the new system. We have tried to anticipate questions you may have and provide answers below. Please contact your local campus staff if you have a question not answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions

RTS plans to initiate the changeover on September 28.

During the changeover, students will not be able to drop or add courses in Self-Service, make tuition payments, or perform any other Self-Service functions. Please direct any questions or concerns to your local campus staff. They are there to assist you in every way possible during this changeover. If you need to make changes to your schedule, please contact your local campus registrar. Your registration chance can be logged and updated when the new system is live.

RTS plans to have these services available again on or about October 21. We will communicate with you promptly and thoroughly while we are in this process so that you are up to date.

Payments can be made through Self-Service through September 27. Until Jenzabar is live the week of October 16, payments can be made via check to the student billing office at 4268 I-55 N, Jackson, MS 39211.

Self-Service is the portal for PowerCampus. It will be replaced with a more advanced portal for J1 called JICS. RTS plans to launch JICS on October 21.

New email addresses will be issued to all students. These will replace any RTS student email address you have now. Your new email address and password will function as a single login credential for all RTS systems.

Stay tuned! RTS is creating training materials for students, faculty, and staff for use with our new software systems.

Local campus staff like your registrars will log any changes and then make them when the new system is live. Please direct any questions or concerns to your local campus staff. They are there to assist you in every way possible during this changeover.

No, adjustments to your student account will be made when the changeover is done. If possible, please make changes to your registration by September 27.

Global registration will be closed for the month of October. September registration will proceed normally for the month of September, with registration open for September 13 and 27 course start dates. Registration for Global courses will resume November 8.

Yes, Canvas is not being replaced and you will be able to use it during the changeover. Your login to Canvas will change as part of the creation of new student email accounts. These credentials will be emailed to each student individually.

Yes. Registrars will continue to have access to the legacy database and can issue official transcripts. Please contact your local registrar.

On-campus access to online library resources should be uninterrupted. There may be brief interruptions for off-campus access to some library resources.

Yes. Paylocity is unaffected, so student workers will be able to continue to log hours and will be paid on October 10 as scheduled.