Welcome to the Field Education site. Here you can find all the information necessary to get an internship started and make sure your internship will meet the requirements for Field Education. This is a requirement to graduate from RTS Charlotte with the MDiv degree.


MDiv Curriculum

All MDiv students at RTS are required to have 400 hours of Field Education during their time in seminary. The 400-hour requirement may be met through a 9-12 month part-time internship (10-15 hours per week), a summer intensive (40 hours per week), or other possible arrangements negotiated between the student, church, and Field Education Director.

Ministry Internships

Field education at RTS includes both parish-based and specialized ministry internships for students in the MDiv program. Students are responsible for initiating contact with potential field education sites and mentors according to their own denominational background and future goals for ministry. The Field Education Office must approve all internship sites and mentors. If the student begins seminary with a church and mentor intact, he or she should immediately register for Field Education and begin accumulating hours early in the Master of Divinity program.

Guidelines & Process

Download this packet to learn more about the process and steps.


Supervisor/Mentor Training

Approved pastors/mentors are required to listen to a training session designed by Dr. Don Fortson, former RTS Charlotte Field Education Director. This training session is a one-hour presentation on Mentoring Seminary Students (found on the Mentors page). It provides an overview of field education procedures, insights on the mentoring process, and instruction on supervision of ministry students.


Learning Covenant

Prior to beginning the internship, students must submit a learning covenant outlining his/her objectives for the internship. Learning covenants will include the necessary integration of intellectual development, ministry skill objectives, personal growth, and spiritual maturity. See the Internship Learning Covenant Worksheet in the Field Education Guidelines.


Supervisory Conferences

A student will meet with the pastor/mentor in supervisory sessions for not less than 12 contact hours during the internship.


Field Education Seminar

After students have finished the 400-hour internship requirement they are ready to take the Field Education Seminar. The seminar is a time for peer review with classmates as well as interaction with a seminar professor. More information about the seminar is provided in the Field Education Guidelines.

Pastor/Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Listen to the Supervision Training Seminar located below:
    • Mentor Seminar – Please click here to download an mp3 of Dr. Rod Culbertson’s lecture on being a mentor for the RTS Field Education.
    • Mentor Training – These are Dr. Culbertson’s power points to accompany the lecture. They are in Adobe PDF format.
  2. Meet with the student in supervisory sessions for review of the student’s progress in ministry practice (12 contact hour minimum).
  3. Provide ministry project opportunities for the student in the parish setting.
  4. Complete a final evaluation for the student.

Mandatory Paperwork

  • Field Education Registration [PDF][DOC] – This form must be filled out and submitted to the Field Education Director.
  • Mentor Information [PDF][DOC] – This form should be filled out by your mentor and given back to you so you may submit it to the Field Education Director.
  • Learning Covenant Worksheet [PDF] – This form will give you the guidelines and what must be covered in a 2 page paper submitted as part of starting your internship.
  • Supervision Reflection Notes [PDF][DOC] – This form is to be filled out after having contact hours with your mentor. It is provided to assist you in writing the paper for the Field Education Seminar. You are not required to turn these notes into the Director of Field Education.
  • Student Self-Evaluation Form [PDF][DOC] – This form must be filled out and submitted to the Field Education Director prior to registering for the Field Education Seminar.
  • Mentor Evaluation Form [PDF][DOC] – This form must be filled out and submitted to the Field Education Director prior to registering for the Field Education Seminar.
  • Professor Evaluation Form [PDF][DOC] – This form must be filled out and submitted to the Field Education Director prior to registering for the Field Education Seminar.
  • Complete Field Education Guidelines [DOC]


When Are These Forms Due?

  1. Due prior to beginning internship:
    • Mentor Information (including listening to the Mentor Training Lecture)
    • Learning Covenant
    • Field Education Registration (Submit above forms to Field Education Director who will then notify Registrar to enroll student in PT5905 03PT5900, Field Ed Internship Registration):
  2. Due after completion of 400 hours:
    • Register in Self-Service to attend Field Education Seminar 03PT5905 (offered on-campus in Fall and Spring terms)
    • Prepare Field Education Paper (part of Field Ed Seminar requirements)
  3. Due prior to attending Field Ed Seminar by submitting to Field Education Director:
    • Student Self-Evaluation Form
    • Mentor Evaluation Form or Professor Evaluation Form