Vocational Services

Search our database of vocational services where students can find opportunities to serve and work while in seminary.

Preaching Circuit

There are many churches within a three-hour radius of RTS that are too small to afford a pastor, are between pastors, or need their pulpits filled when their pastor goes on vacation or gets sick.  These churches rely on RTS students to fill their pulpits.


Ministry internships enable students to integrate classroom theory with practical hands-on experience through the pairing of experienced Christians with seminary students in ministry-based education. During the field education experience students learn about themselves and the ministry under the guidance of a trained supervisor.

Student Health Insurance

Reformed Theological Seminary requires all students who are taking 12 or more hours in a given semester to have major medical insurance. Proof of medical insurance must be provided each semester in which a student will take 12 or more hours in order to complete their registration.  International students receiving financial aid are required to have major medical insurance coverage for all dependents listed on form I-20.  As of June 1, 2013, RTS is no longer able to offer an RTS student plan, and so students must find other options for insurance.