Whether single, married or married with kids, the majority of RTS students live in seminary housing. This not only makes home very affordable, but it also provides a community of believers who, like you, have given up jobs and moved away from family to come study the Scriptures in this season of their lives. Friendships often form easily and may last a lifetime.

On-Campus Apartments

Married and singles apartments set within the gated campus.

30 Married Apartments

  • 15 1-bedroom units, 750 sqft
    • $600/month
    • Renovated units $700/month
  • 15 2-bedroom units, 850 sqft
    • $650/month
    • Renovated units $750/month

36 Single Units

  • 9 single suites with 4 bedrooms each, 1700 sqft
    • $400/month
    • Renovated units $500/month

*Rates are effective June 1, 2018, and are based on full-time student status. 

Housing Rates

Single Suites Full-Time Student Part-Time Student
$510 refundable deposit $400 $500
Renovated Single Suites
$510 refundable deposit $500 $600
$510 refundable deposit
1 bedroom $600 $700
2 bedroom $650 $750
Renovated Apartments
$510 refundable deposit
1 bedroom $700
2 bedroom $750


  • Campus Single Suites – Residents are responsible for acquiring their own telephone serviceWater and electricity is included in rent.
  • Campus Married Apartments – Residents are responsible for acquiring their own telephone and electric serviceWater is included in rent.
  • Internet and cable t.v. services are acquired according to individual preference with company of your choice.


To submit maintenance requests click here.

Utility Deposits: Entergy – $200