Emergency Alerts

Updating Phone Numbers for Emergency Contacts

RTS will be using a new emergency alert system from Rave Mobile Safety called RaveAlert.  As part of this new system, RTS will send SMS/Text emergency alert messages and emails to all students, staff, and faculty that have a SMS/Text number input into our systems.  We strongly encourage all students to follow the below guide to ensure the correct phone numbers are in our database.  You will not need to opt-in to the system outside of supplying your phone number.  RTS will only contact anyone via this new system in the event of an emergency, severe weather outbreak, or unplanned and immediate campus closures.  One test of the system per term will be completed to ensure the system is functioning.

Picking a phone type of “SMS/Text” will ensure this is the primary number we have on file and will attempt to contact via the emergency system. You can list more than one if needed, but no more than three. This can be the same number as “Cell” if a cell phone was already input. If you do not wish for the phone to be included, please adjust the “Do Not Call Reason” to any value. Numbers with a “Do Not Call Reason” will not be included in the emergency alert database. If no SMS/Text number is supplied, you will not be included in the emergency alert system for text messages. If you do not wish to receive these messages, please select a “Do Not Call Reason”, otherwise, we will assume you are opting-in to the service.


Step 1:  Log in to Self-Service:  https://selfservice.rts.edu


Step 2:  Click the “My Profile” tab.


Step 3:  Click the “Phone Numbers” link under the tabs.


Step 4:  Review your phone numbers and add / edit them as necessary.


Step 5:  The add or edit screen explained


Step 6:  Final review and confirmation of numbers