About Canvas

Canvas by Instructure

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) provided by Instructure. This 3rd party system is where faculty and students interact in their courses electronically. Some professors at residential campuses may opt to not use Canvas. Some may simply use it as a distribution point for presentations, syllabi, notes, or other electronic resources. Others may hold assignments, discussions, quizzes, or exams within Canvas that must be completed electronically.

Web Address: https://rts.instructure.com.

In Relation to MyPortal

Canvas and MyPortal share the same login credentials, which is your RTS-issued student email. In other words, you use the same username and password for both systems. When you change your password for your RTS-issued email account, you will need to use that new password with Canvas. Having logon credentials to MyPortal does not guarantee that you have access to Canvas. In order to access courses in Canvas, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been admitted to RTS
  • Have registered for a course in MyPortal
  • Your account and enrollments have been imported into Canvas. This happens on an hourly basis.

Problems Accessing Canvas

If you encounter problems logging into MyPortal and/or Canvas, you will want to reach out to IT Support by emailing support@rts.edu.

If you need help with Canvas, you will want to reach out to the LMS Administrator. This can be accomplished by emailing canvas.admin@rts.edu.