University of South Carolina, B.A.
Columbia International University, MDiv
Reformed Theological Seminary, DMin

About Dr. Culbertson

Dr. Culbertson joined RTS in 1994 and currently serves as Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Dean of Student Development. Before coming to RTS, he ministered for 10 years to college students at the University of Florida through Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) and in the Presbyterian Church of America. After his ministry at UF, he and his wife, Cathy, planted a PCA church in Clearwater, Florida. Rod and Cathy have four children and four grandchildren.

At RTS, he served as Director of Admissions for 13 years as well as Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Development and Adjunct Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship. In addition to campus ministry, Dr. Culbertson’s ministry experience includes church planting and pastoral work. Having started RUF in the state of Florida, Rod has been involved with PCA campus ministry in some capacity for over 40 years; he presently chairs the Florida statewide RUF committee. He also serves as the Director of the Center for Campus Ministry at RTS Charlotte.


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Do I Love God? The Question That Must Be Answered (Wipf and Stock, 2017)

Christ Changing Lives: Digging Deeper into the Practice of Disciple Investing (Wipf and Stock, 2018)

The Disciple Investing Apostle: Paul’s Ministry of Relationships (Wipf and Stock, 2018)

As the Father Has Sent Me: God’s Progress of Redemption (Part One) (Wipf and Stock, 2018)

So Send I You: God’s Progress of Redemption (Part Two) (Wipf and Stock, 2019)

Questions of Life (2020)

Light Bulbs Exploding: Illuminating Small Group Bible Study (Wipf and Stock, 2021)