When we think of the ministry of discipleship (or what I call “disciple investing”), we often conclude that the focus of discipleship involves one individual intentionally helping only one other individual (often called “one-to-one” ministry). We think we have to choose one person to whom we must give our attention. However, as we observe the Apostle Paul’s ministry, the reality is that he devotes time and effort with all sorts of people, both individuals and groups, people whom he meets in various contexts. The Apostle Paul willingly and actively invests in multiple relationships, as seemingly he is open to most anyone the Lord sends his way. And Paul goes out of his way both to lead others to Christ, as well as to deepen believers in their walks with Christ. The Disciple Investing Apostle: Paul’s Ministry of Relationships provides an overview of the many and varied relationships that the Apostle Paul develops as he helps others grow in Christ. In the book, you will meet the people Paul meets and you also will watch him build meaningful disciple investing relationships with these friends. And in doing so, you may learn some lessons for your personal ministry with others as well.