Have you ever read (or tried to read) the Bible and wondered if it makes any sense? Often, when we read about God’s plan for the world in the Bible, we are confused and uncertain about what he is actually doing. We read the books (or parts of them) that we find in the Bible, attempt to piece together the different names and events, and often do so without clarity of understanding, or any concept of the historical situation and/or Bible characters. We look at all of the oblique parts of the Bible and cannot grasp the big picture or the grand storyline that is ultimately unfolding before our very eyes. How can we put together this complicated puzzle? As the Father Has Sent Me: God’s Progress of Redemption is the answer for our confusion. This book will help the reader put the pieces of the Bible reading puzzle together, while discovering the unity of God’s story for the world. See how the grand story of God’s redemptive plan unfolds and begin to cherish his gracious involvement in our world of need!