The Financial Challenge Students and Alumni Face

Students are bringing historically high undergraduate debt to seminary with them, and go further into debt while in seminary.

Some graduates are unable to go to smaller churches, or into campus ministry, or to the mission field because they are carrying too much student loan debt.

Seminaries are reducing the required course load for the MDiv degree (and other degrees) in order to reduce the overall cost of seminary.

Over 80% of RTS students graduate with no seminary-related debt.

We responded to this problem, not by lowering standards, but by giving the most generous scholarship assistance of any seminary in the Reformed and evangelical world. Why? We believe no student should have to go deep into debt to study God’s word and serve His church.

Be a part of the legacy at RTS.

An Investment that Will Benefit Your Grandchildren

As we save and spend carefully to provide for our sons and daughters, let’s challenge each other to think long-term about the most important need our children and grandchildren will ever have: the need for well-trained and caring leaders in the church.

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