The Lord saved me while I was in college, and I began to have a growing desire for deeper theological reflection within my new-found faith. While in law school, I encountered ideologies that were distinctly opposed to a Christian worldview, and my desire to be better equipped in thinking like a Christian only grew. I knew that a long, learned line of faithful Christian wisdom existed, and I was confident that RTS would help me to learn from that wisdom. RTS provided a place for me to learn more about my faith, while also shaping my heart for God in a way I had not previously considered.

Prior to RTS, my faith was shallow and like puzzle pieces that did not fit together. I now have a greater depth of understanding, more well-ordered affections, and a settled confidence in the Lord. My seminary education has shaped my mind and heart to better serve as an elder in my local church, better understand my various vocations before God, be a better husband and father, and live more faithfully, by God’s grace. There is no part of my life unaffected by my seminary education.

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