I felt inadequate to teach others about the Bible. I wanted to learn the word of God properly; I needed to be well equipped so I could be able to teach others. In my second year in RTS, I traveled to Nigeria, my country, and I had the opportunity to teach at the Sojourners school of missions. I did not struggle as much as I used to when I taught in the mission school before leaving for RTS. The students also testified that I did well.  

When I started at RTS Atlanta as an international student, I had many problems. I did not know much, and there was a language barrier. I will not forget my Hebrew 1 class quickly; after the fifth class, I was expecting the worst because it was so difficult for me to learn. We were all in class one evening during the sixth week and Dr. Fulillove returned my quiz and said to me, “Ada it looks as if you are drowning?”  I replied that his question was “an understatement, I am drowned already.” He asked another professor to give me private Hebrew lessons, and I started to understand and finally passed Hebrew. Before enrolling at RTS, I knew very little about theology, church history, etc. After my graduation, I know I am able to teach so many courses, my spiritual life is not the same, and I have become a better person. 

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