Teaching Women to Teach (TWtT) began at RTS Orlando in January of 2018. Our first offering was a year-long course taught by RTS faculty and local women’s ministry leaders covering the basics of biblical interpretation and exposition. In the spring of 2019, we offered a three-month course on Covenant Theology. In September of 2019, TWtT was pleased to host Nancy Guthrie for a Biblical Theology Workshop for Women on the RTS Orlando campus.

Registration is now open for the spring 2020 offering, “Old Made New: Teaching the NT Use of the OT,” taught by Dr. Greg Lanier.


Teaching Women to Teach resources the local church by providing theological training to women who are teaching or who aspire to teach the Bible in women’s ministries. We seek to train women from our constituent churches so that theological conversation and discipleship in women’s ministry can happen in the context of relationships, in accord with Reformed teaching, and under the authority of a particular church’s leadership.


Christian women are increasingly looking to nationally known figures to fill teaching roles in local congregations by using mass produced curriculum. Rather than being taught and discipled by gifted and trained women in their own local church, women in our community are being taught and discipled by DVDs. Many women’s ministries in Reformed churches are using material whose teaching is at odds with historic Reformed doctrines.


We want to serve any woman who currently teaches or aspires to teach the Bible in a local congregation. Leading this RTS initiative is Leigh Swanson, RTS Orlando’s Vice President of Community Relations. For more information, contact Leigh at lswanson@rts.edu.

2020 Spring Course: Old Made New:
Teaching the NT Use of the OT

February 4, March 3, & April 14 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

From the first page of Matthew (where numerous Israelites appear in Jesus’s genealogy) to the last page of Revelation (where Jesus describes himself as the “Root of David”), the New Testament is full of references to the Old Testament. Often how the OT is being used by a NT author is central to the theological point being made, revealing that the NT cannot be well-understood without sound knowledge of the OT. But this raises a challenge when it comes to teaching the Bible. The NT is complex enough on its own, and the OT is even more unfamiliar to many⁠—so when both are at play, it is easy to struggle over this double-complexity! Join us for a new series of RTS Orlando’s Teaching Women to Teach, where we will focus on developing the tools needed to understand how the NT engages the OT. The goal is to equip you to guide others in mining the riches of God’s word alongside Jesus and the apostolic writers, as they do the same! The three sessions will take place on Tuesday nights February 4, March 3, and April 14 and will cover the following:

  1. “As it is Written”: Principles and Tools
    • Theological overview of the use of the OT in the NT
    • Tool development (quotations/allusions; “metalepsis”; wording; meaning)
  1. “The Rock was Christ”: The OT and Christ
    • The NT’s christological use of the OT
    • Sample exercises
    • Putting it into practice
  1. “The Israel of God”: The OT and Us
    • The NT’s use of the OT for understanding history, church, and ethics
    • Sample exercises
    • Putting it into practice

This series of TWtT will be taught by Greg Lanier (Ph.D. Cambridge), who is Associate Professor of New Testament at RTS Orlando and Associate Pastor at River Oaks Church (Lake Mary). Much of his research has focused on the intersection of OT and NT, including Old Testament Conceptual Metaphors and the Christology of Luke’s Gospel (2018), How We Got the Bible: Old and New Testament Canon and Text (2018), several articles in academic journals, and a two-volume book on the use of the OT in the NT (forthcoming). He only half-jokingly tells his NT classes, “This class is pretty much just a study of the OT, because that’s how important it is to the NT writers!”