Special Programs

Certificate Program

Certificate programs are tailored to meet the needs of the candidates or the requirements of agencies with which they may be associated. Missionary candidates may meet the requirements of their sending agencies by taking a one-year program in Bible, Theology, or Missions. Campus ministry candidates may find courses in Bible and theology to be a helpful addition to training that may be given by their supporting agencies. As with degree programs, a B.A. degree or its equivalent from an accredited school is required.

Redeemer City Ministry Scholarship Program

Applicants who submit a completed application to the MABS program will receive and an application for the Redeemer City Ministry Scholarship Program. Notification of your award is given with your offer of admission to the MABS program. Scholarship awards are made for the duration of the program providing students are enrolled for at least 16 credit hours per academic year. Students who drop below this level of enrollment may reapply for the scholarship.

Redeemer City to City is a catalytic mission agency that desires to partner with you and your church, network, or organization. The application begins a process of partnering with you for your growth in ministry. Applicants reflect on their call to ministry and take a personal inventory administered by the RTS Dean of Students as an aid to self-reflection on your ministry gifts and learning.