About RTS New York

RTS New York City offers a Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) with 49% of the courses offered residentially and 51% through Zoom with onsite intensives.  Our Zoom courses combine real-time video live stream instruction using Zoom and on-site weekend instruction.  RTS Developed our Zoom content delivery platform in 2015.  We were prepared uniquely for COVID-19’s impact on NYC.  Students can also supplement our course offerings with RTS Global courses offerings, one of the best distance educations platforms in the country.

Our program design and content delivery allow us to bring select faculty from all across the RTS system to New York. As a result, our NYC students experience an onsite blend of faculty that is among the most respected in the United States.

Our curriculum design allows busy New Yorkers additional flexibility while maintaining high academic standards. New Yorkers who graduate from our program have the theological and biblical foundation for church planting, pastoral ministry, Christian non-profit leadership, or further academic work.

How does theological education help Christians engage the culture?

Frequently Asked Questions

In collaboration with his longtime friend Dr. Ligon Duncan, Dr. Keller taught 16 of 39 lecture hours in Dr. Duncan’s Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies class. Dr. Duncan continues to draw upon the insight and teaching of New York City pastors to ensure that Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies remains vitally connected to the church in New York City.

Dr. Keller taught Christian Life and Secular Culture each Spring. Before his passing, Dr. Keller indicated that Dr. Christopher Watkin was best suited to teach the apologetic content of his Christian Life and Secular Culture course. Dr. Watkin is now Fellow of Philosophy and Culture at RTS New York City and teaches a course on Christian Cultural and Social Theory each January.

RTS New York City continues to partner dynamically with organizations and practitioners in NYC who embody Dr. Keller’s commitment to the gospel and its abiding relevance for urban ministry.

Students may opt for two, three, or four year tracks to complete the program.

Winter and Spring Classes in 2020 will be via Zoom due to COVID-19.  In the Fall of 2021, pending the status of COVID-19 in NYC, we plan to host our Thursday evening in-person classes and weekend intensives at Central Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Tuesday evening classes will be via Zoom.

You can apply directly online at any time.  However, we encourage you to contact admissions and walk through your ministry and educational goals to determine whether the program is right for you.

RTS New York City students may apply to programs offered by Redeemer City to City, Linden Grove Ministries, Resound, and Queens Connexus. The Admissions team provides guidance to prospective students on which programs they qualify for.

We have limited capacity and accept approximately 25 students per year.

The City Ministry Program offers courses in preaching, missions, evangelism, and pastoral ministry as well as a course based on the book Center Church by Tim Keller. Dr. Keller teaches in every module and is supported by skilled urban ministry practitioners at City to City. Graduates of the program receive a certificate of completion.  If you are pursuing ordination and your ordaining body requires an MDiv, you can request that they receive the RTS MABS and the certificate from the City Ministry Program as the equivalent of an MDiv.

Candidates for admission have a four-year undergraduate bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited institution. (We have a limited number of seats for candidates without a four-year undergraduate degree who exhibit a clear call to ministry and can demonstrate their ability to complete the program.)

Additionally, priority is given to students who live in New York City or the immediate surrounding metro area.

Tuition is $585 per credit hour.  Our tuition only covers 60% of the actual cost of the degree. RTS is committed to raising funds for our seminary to enable students to enter ministry with as little financial burden as possible.  Applicants may apply for funding from the Redeemer City Ministry Scholarship Program.

Each course forms a learning community of its own.  We also have a monthly meeting with guest speakers from City to City or NYC pastors. Through our student Slack channel and informal student study groups and parties, our students stay connected and supported.  During COVID-19 our ability to host events has been limited, though we have had a social distanced picnic.

Neither RTS or City to City has a formal placement office for our graduates in New York City.  Through our NYC Dean of Students Office, we offer an assessment for gifts, interpersonal style, learning style and vocational discernment.  We encourage students to work closely with their church or ministry organization as they begin the program to learn what pathways for ministry are available to them.