The EPC Jumper Scholarship


The EPC Jumper Scholarship exists to assist ministerial candidates in the pursuit of their preparation for gospel ministry in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

The Jumper Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship awarded to an incoming, residential MDiv student at any RTS campus. At 100% of tuition over 106 semester hours, the value of each Jumper scholarship will be in excess of $55,000.

Like other financial aid for the MDiv program, the Jumper Scholarship is awarded for up to five years and is capped for all Distance Education coursework at 50%.

For questions about the Jumper Scholarship, please contact either your RTS campus admissions office or the Office of Financial Aid at


This scholarship is awarded on the basis of the candidate’s potential for service in the EPC, demonstrated commitment to the EPC, Christian character, and financial need. Applicants should be a member in good standing of an EPC church and under care of an EPC presbytery. Jumper recipients will be expected to report to the Jumper Committee annually.

How To Apply

To apply, students first must be admitted to the Master of Divinity program. The Jumper Scholarship application is included as part of the regular Financial Aid Application. On the application, Jumper Scholarship applicants will submit an essay on their involvement in the EPC and their plans for future ministry in the EPC. A pastoral recommendation from an EPC pastor will be required as part of the application. Finalists should expect an interview with the Jumper Committee.

The deadline for the Jumper Scholarship is March 15 for enrollment in the Summer term or Fall semester. While the Jumper Scholarship is for new students, since the review is based on Summer or Fall entry, students who first enroll in the Winter or Spring may apply for the Jumper Scholarship by March 15 for the subsequent Summer term. RTS plans to award one new Jumper Scholarship to new MDiv students who enroll in Summer or Fall 2018.


Dr. Andrew A. Jumper joined the EPC in 1982 and was a key leader in the denomination until his death in 1992. He was instrumental denominationally in new church development, as a primary compiler of the EPC Book of Church Order, and in drafting a joint working agreement with the Presbyterian Church in Brazil. As pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, he sustained a dynamic preaching ministry for twenty years. On both fronts, Andy was always vigorously involved in the support, encouragement, and training of candidates for the gospel ministry.

The funds for this scholarship were given in Dr. Jumper’s honor to continue his legacy of raising up candidates for the gospel ministry to serve the church in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


Ligon Duncan, Chancellor & CEO
“RTS has partnered with the EPC since its beginning in 1980 to train up pastors committed to biblical fidelity, confessional integrity, and reformed theology, with an ethos of unity, liberty, and charity. We want to instill in the next generation of pastors a deep love for the gospel so that they preach Christ from all the scriptures with clarity and passion, and minister with loving faithfulness. The EPC Jumper Scholarship not only helps us recruit some of the best candidates for ministry in the EPC, but the 100% tuition scholarship enables each recipient to more fully devote himself to his preparation.”

Mike Glodo, Associate Professor of Practical Theology
“From its earliest days, the founders of the EPC recognized the critical importance of sound theological education to the future of their new denomination. To remain faithful to the scriptures its young ministers would need sound, trustworthy, and academically rigorous theological education. One of those founders was Dr. Andrew Jumper, pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. Under Dr. Jumper’s leadership, Central epitomized the support and encouragement of candidates for the gospel ministry. Given his high regard and support for RTS, in 1993 Dr. Jumper consented to an RTS scholarship being endowed in his name to assist gifted ministry candidates as future EPC leaders. Today the beneficiaries of the Jumper Scholarship are serving with distinction in EPC churches across the U.S. and as EPC missionaries throughout the world.”


Jeffrey J. Jeremiah, former Stated Clerk for the EPC
“For students called to the EPC, the well-funded Jumper Scholarship is awaiting your application!”