Certificate Program


Certificate programs are tailored to meet the needs of the candidates or the requirements of agencies with which they may be associated. Missionary candidates may meet the requirements of their sending agencies by taking a one-year program in Bible, Theology, or Missions. Campus ministry candidates may find courses in Bible and theology to be a helpful addition to training that may be given by their supporting agencies. As with degree programs, a B.A. degree or its equivalent from an accredited school is required.

The one-year Certificate program requires 32 credit hours. Normally, the Certificate program is a mixture of biblical studies and theological studies; however, it may be tailored more specifically for the student’s needs. Admission requirements for the Certificate program match other masters-degree program requirements, including a baccalaureate degree or its foreign equivalent. Credits earned in the one-year Certificate program may be applied toward the various M.A. or M.Div. degrees.

Certificate programs are available through any RTS location.