By completing the 13-credit Certificate in Systematic Theology, a student will have a strong grasp of the classical topics (loci) of Christian theology, grounded in God’s self-revelation in Scripture and in dialogue with the creeds and confessions of the church.

The coursework within the certificate will present the classical Reformed understanding of these doctrines, but will also engage alternative conceptions within Roman Catholicism, liberal theology, and other streams of the evangelical church. Significant attention will also be given to covenant theology as the structure of redemptive history and to its implications for the various doctrines.


  • Introduction to Pastoral & Theological Studies
  • ST: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology
  • ST: Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology
  • ST: Ecclesiology & Sacraments
  • Covenant Theology

How It Works

Deepen your understanding of the Bible and theology in a way that suits your unique needs and lifestyle.

Course Time

12 weeks or less per online course

Certificate Duration

Flexible pace


Online or Residential

What You'll Learn

  • The Doctrine of Scripture
  • The Doctrine of the Triune God (Theology Proper)
  • The Doctrine of Man (Theological Anthropology)
  • The Doctrine of Christ (Christology)
  • The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)
  • The Doctrine of the Last Things (Eschatology)
  • The Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology)
  • The Doctrine of the Sacraments

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When paying in 18 monthly installments, students will receive a 25% discount.

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Who Should Enroll in the
Systematic Theology Certificate

Church Officers
School Teachers
Curriculum Writers
Sunday School Teachers
Bible Study Leaders

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