Dr. Ligon Duncan commends The Trinity: An Introduction by Dr. Scott Swain, a book that expounds and defends the classic doctrine of the Trinity.

Hello, I’m Ligon Duncan, and this is RTS Book Notes. Today, I want to tell you about an important book on the doctrine of the Trinity. Dr. Scott Swain, President and Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, has written this book in the Short Studies in Systematic Theology that are being published by our friends at Crossway, and it’s called The Trinity: An Introduction. I really think we are living in the midst of something of an evangelical renaissance on the historic doctrine of the Trinity in our own day. When J.I. Packer handed in the manuscript for Knowing God in 1972, one of the things he lamented was the evangelical neglect of the doctrine of the Trinity. And in our own time, we’ve seen Fred Sanders, and Matthew Barrett, and Michael Reeves, and our own Scott Swain write excellent material, expounding and defending the classic doctrine of the Trinity held by the church. This little introduction—it’s not a huge book!–is packed with helpful truth, and it’ll introduce you to the most important doctrine of all, the doctrine of our holy, Triune God. Thank you for listening to RTS Book Notes.


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