University of North Florida, B.A.
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, MDiv, Th.M.
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ph.D.

About Dr. Swain

Dr. Scott R. Swain is President and James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Swain has served on the RTS faculty since 2006, having previously taught at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the Vice President of the Evangelical Theological Society.

His main research interests include the doctrine of God, theological interpretation of Scripture, and modern Protestant theology, and he has published a number of books and essays on these topics. With Dr. Michael Allen, he serves as general editor of two series: Zondervan Academic’s New Studies in Dogmatics and T & T Clark’s International Theological Commentary. For a full catalog of articles, public lectures, and sermons, see Reformed Blogmatics.

Dr. Swain is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. He and his wife, Leigh, have four children.




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