The President’s Welcome

The gospel permeates everything we do here at RTS Washington DC. We believe the gospel to be central, global, and transformative in the Christian life and in Christian ministry.

The gospel is central, which means that our chief end to glorify God is only possible through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. That is the message to which the whole Bible speaks, just as the Lord himself taught those broke-down disciples on the road to Emmaus. He is the center of the story.

Dr. John Scott Redd, Jr.
Washington D.C. Campus President

Why RTS Washington?

Washington, D.C. is an urban center with global significance, and the Washington campus of RTS is committed to providing pastoral and theological training to those who would serve Jesus Christ in different contexts around the world as ministers, missionaries, scholars, and lay leadership.

Our student body is multiethnic, multidenominational, and professionally-minded. Our faculty and students collaborate to understand and apply the teaching of Scripture and the history of Reformed thought to the diverse experiences of the local and global church.

The RTS Washington curriculum is distinctly confessional, redemptive-historical, and sensitive to the contours of Scripture.

The Dean of Students’ Welcome

Our students come from a variety of evangelical backgrounds, with a shared desire to honor the Lord with mind and heart. Our faculty are shepherds of our students, having served in ordained ministry and carrying that commitment into the classroom. Moreover, their academic expertise is touched by an overall aim to serve the global church and the kingdom of Christ. Master degree programs in divinity and religion, and flexible certificate programs in Bible and theology, provide students with academic rigor and deep resources for a lifetime of service. With our flexible course scheduling (day, evening, weekends, and week-long intensives), students can work and study at the same time.