About Women in Ministry

Women in Ministry (WiM) is a unique section of Student Life at RTS Orlando. No matter how you are connected to RTS (whether a student, wife of a student, staff, or faculty) there is a place for you in this group of amazing women.  WiM seeks to provide encouragement, care, and support through various events. We build lasting friendships and help equip women for their time during and after seminary. We invite all women at RTS to join us for the variety of events hosted, such as connections lunches, park days, prayer groups, discussions, and more.

If you have children, many of our Women in Ministry events provide childcare. There are also many community events and park days to keep the kids busy, so be sure to reach out to our coordinator Jeanna Freire (wimorlando@rts.edu) to see what’s happening in the area.  

If you are the wife of a student, we fully understand that it can sometimes be challenging to get involved and form friendships when you are not a student yourself. With that in mind, we have monthly Student Wives in Ministry (S.W.I.M.) meetings where we can gather, share, and pray for one another. Our hope is for WiM to help all women at RTS to be cared for, encouraged, and equipped for the days ahead.