2023 Lectures

Lewis Ayres (Durham University) set to give the 2024 Kistemaker Lectures on April 2-3 on the title: “How Should we Think? On the Place of Christian Theology in Seminary and University”. His lectures will take place on Tuesday, April 2 and Wednesday, April 3. In addition, there will be a community lunch on Wednesday where you can bring your questions to Dr. Ayres.

About the Lectures

Since 1994, The Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series has provided a venue where distinguished scholars can address the seminary community on a wide array of subjects related to biblical, systematic, and practical theology.

The series is comprised of four lectures held in the Fellowship Hall. They also include a Community Lunch with Q&A held in the Dining Hall. The lectures are held on a given Tuesday and Wednesday during the spring semester depending on the lecturer’s availability.

This lecture series was established in 1994 and was renamed in honor of New Testament Professor Emeritus Simon J. Kistemaker, Ph.D. in 2003.

Past Speakers

2023 | Dr. David Sytsma
Virtue Ethics in the Reformed Tradition

2022 | David Yeago, Ph.D.
In the Kingdom of the Beloved Son: Justification and the Risen Christ

2019 | Fred Sanders, Ph.D.
Blessed Trinity: The Beatitude and Triunity of the Christian God

2018 | Grant Macaskill, D.Phil.
I No Longer Live, But Christ Lives in Me: The Reformed Self in Paul

2017 | Timothy George, Th.D.
Retrieval for the Sake of Renewal: The Witness of Four Reformers

2016 | Diane Langberg, Ph.D.
Culture, Christendom and Christ

2015 | Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Th.D.
Life-Giving Spirit: The Exaltation of Christ and Salvation in the Theology of Paul

2014 | Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Ph.D.
Doctrine for Disciples: Acting Out What Is in Christ

2013 | Michael Goheen, Ph.D.
The Church and Religions Pluralism: Living Faithfully Amidst the World Religions

2012 | Michael J. Kruger, Ph.D.
The Origins of the New Testament Canon: Issues, Problems, and Possibilities

2011 | Richard Bauckham, FBA, FRSE
The Gospels as Histories: What Sort of History Are They?

2010 | Eugene Peterson, Ph.D.
Prayer & the Practice of Resurrection

2009 | Herman Selderhuis, Ph.D.
The Rediscovery of John Calvin

2008 | Miroslav Volf, Ph.D.
Love of God – Love of Neighbor: A Conversation Between Christianity and Islam

2007 | Gregory K. Beale, Ph.D.
A Biblical-Theological Approach to Understanding the Book of Revelation

2006 | Anthony Campolo, Ph.D.
Sociology Looks at the Church

2005 | David F. Wells, Ph.D.
Christ in a Post-Modern World

2004 | Roger Nicole, Ph.D.
Reflections on the Atoning Work of Christ