Are you intimidated by the biblical languages?

We understand why learning Greek and Hebrew might be intimidating. But if you’re committed, you could learn the biblical languages in just 8 weeks. Hundreds of students — seminarians and lay leaders — do it every year during our Summer Institute for Biblical Languages. Take Hebrew with Dr. Miles Van Pelt or Greek with Dr. Ben Gladd during a special summer intensive in which each language is studied two hours per day, five days per week for eight weeks. During this eight week period, you will complete a full year of language study (Hebrew 1 and 2 or Greek 1 and 2).

“This may be the best way to learn the original biblical languages: an intensive summer-immersion course at RTS Jackson.”

Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition

Three Benefits of Learning Through Immersion


Complete an entire year of language study in eight weeks.


The intensive, immersion context is better suited for language acquisition than intermittent exposure during a regular academic year.


Study with others learning the languages and enjoy the perks of a live virtual classroom.

Study the languages at RTS Jackson.


Current students, alumni, and pastors

These courses are intended to provide a better educational context for the biblical languages given the increasing part-time nature of student enrollment. Any RTS student at an RTS campus can take these courses for credit. Additionally, pastors who would like to brush up on biblical language skills may find it to better fit their current ministry contexts.  RTS Alumni can take the courses for free.

Visiting or Special Students

Non-RTS students who wish to participate in the Summer Institute and receive credit must apply. If you are currently enrolled in good standing at an accredited seminary or graduate school, you may go through a very abbreviated application to become a Visiting Student. Others must apply at a minimum to be a Special Student. Find out more about Visiting Student or Special Student applications requirements here.

View class dates and times for this summer under the “Summer” tab on our Upcoming Classes page.

Campus housing during the Summer Institute is available. Singles housing is available at $400 per month, to be pro-rated if necessary. Email Ben Goff ( for more information and to obtain a housing application.

For details about cost per credit hour, please see the tuition and fees page.

If you would like to study ahead of time or simply get a better understanding of the curriculum, you’ll find information on required and recommended textbooks under the course syllabus.