Balance is an important part of life. Even though you will be hitting the books hard throughout your time in seminary, it is important to carve out time for recreation and community building with your fellow students. At RTS Jackson, we offer a variety of recreational opportunities.

Recreational Opportunities

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee are played weekly throughout the year, and the game room in the student center also provides frequent opportunities for ping pong and foosball.

Other seasonal sports include flag football, racquetball, and disc golf. All skill levels are welcome, but come prepared for a bit of friendly competition. For the current schedule of weekly athletic events, see the most recent version of the Reformed Informer.

Recreational Facilities

Athletic Fields: There are two athletic fields behind the Biblical Studies Building and behind the Gymnasium that are often used for both outdoor soccer and ultimate frisbee.

Gymnasium: The gymnasium is accessible to students at any time (even after hours) through the coded door. It is frequently used for volleyball, basketball, and indoor soccer, and balls can be found inside the facility.

Weight Room & Racquetball Court: The weight room in the Dean Center next to the gym includes a treadmill and an elliptical machine, in addition to a broad array of free weights. Students will frequently come to lift in pairs or by themselves, and then grab a quick shower in the locker room before going to class. The entrance to the racquetball court is inside the weight room as well, and racquets and balls can also be found near the entrance.

Student Center: The Patterson’s Porch student center is accessible to students at any time (even after hours) through the coded door. Whether you need a place to study, play ping pong or foosball, watch TV, or simply hang out with your fellow students, the student center provides many opportunities for fellowship.

Disc Golf Course: Our disc golf course is comprised of 18 targets around campus, offering a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty outside of the classroom. Equipment can be checked out with the receptionists in the Administration building, or you can bring your own.