About the Conference

The purpose of the Biblical Theology Conference is twofold: bring stellar, outside scholars to RTS who are biblical-theologically aware and foster that awareness here at the seminary. We at RTS believe that the Bible is a unity and the product of a grand design that centers on the person and work of Christ. “Biblical theology” is the historical, theological, and exegetical investigation of Bible that pays attention to the Bible’s story that culminates in Christ. This is not simply an academic exercise but an act of worship for the church.

Past Speakers

To listen to past lectures, select the year you would like to hear (if available).

2019 | Brandon Crowe

2018 | Michael Morales

2017 | Dennis Johnson

2016 | G. K. Beale

2015 | Thomas Schreiner

2014 | Peter Gentry

2013 | Richard Gaffin

2012 | D. A. Carson

2011 | Stephen Dempster