From the Director of Admissions

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Application Process

Apply to RTS Global completely online now! Our Admissions staff is ready to help you with any questions you may have about applying to RTS Global. Call us at your convenience at (800) 227-2013.

Admissions FAQ

For tuition and fees associated with RTS degrees, please see the Tuition and Fees page.

The Master of Arts (Religion), Master of Arts (Theological Studies) and Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) degrees are available through the Global Education.

The admission requirements for the M.A. degree programs are 1) A completed M.A. application (which can be found here), 2) Application fee of $75, 3) Three reference letters (pastoral, personal and academic), and 4) College transcripts from an accredited college or university. A 2.6 GPA or higher is ordinarily required.

Yes! Global Education offers three certificate programs: Biblical Studies, Historical Studies, and Theological Studies. The certificate program is a valuable option for students who want to take seminary classes, but do not want to complete a degree.

The admission requirement for any Certificate program is a complete application and application fee of $75, three letters of reference (pastoral, personal and academic), and college transcripts from an accredited college or university are required.

RTS Global Education does accept transfer credits from other accredited seminaries, based upon evaluation of all student transcripts. For specific information on what credits will transfer, please contact our Director of Admissions, Brittain Brewer at

While distance courses may be transferable to other graduate institutions, the student is responsible for ensuring that specific courses are approved by the receiving institution.

You must apply for special student status. As a special student you can take up to 18 credit hours of course work. Students from other seminaries can also take courses with RTS Global, as Visiting Students. Students can also unofficially audit courses as well. Unofficial auditors get no credit for their courses; nor is there any record of their having audited the course. Unofficial auditors get access to all course materials, with the exception of the actual exams and contact with professors.

The admission requirement to be a special student is a completed special student application (which can be found online here), an application fee of $40 and a pastoral reference. An undergraduate degree is ordinarily required to be a special student.

Distance Education courses may be applied toward any degrees or programs offered at any RTS residential campus. Up to two-thirds of the residential M.Div. degree and nearly one-half of the residential M.A. degree may be taken through Distance Education courses. The remaining courses require on-campus participation at your residential campus.

In order to receive credit for distance courses at RTS, you must be admitted to the seminary. You may apply to RTS Global completely online. There is a $75 application fee for M.A. or Certificate students, and $40 for Special or Visiting Students. Select the “Apply Now” button on the right for more information and to begin your application.