We're Here to Serve You

Thank you for your interest in RTS Atlanta!  It is our pleasure to serve you as you discern and pursue the Lord’s call for your life. We understand the options, challenges, and questions before you, and it is our desire and goal to provide the answers and guidance to best prepare you to make the right seminary choice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us at admissions.atlanta@rts.edu or (770) 952-8884.

May the Lord fill your cup with grace, peace, and understanding as you seek to exercise your spirit of power, love and discipline (2 Timothy 1:7) in the discernment and application of His word.

What's my financial investment?

With the rise of student loan debt, we know that cost is one of your top concerns. Rather than cutting corners to lower tuition, we’ve partnered with churches and believers around the world to offer you a stellar education at an affordable rate.

Why? We believe that no one should have to go deep into debt in order to study God’s word.

Our Students

Our students are everyday Christians who want to better understand God’s word and become equipped to accurately share it with others while continuing their everyday lives.  Many seminaries boast about what their students do after graduation; we like to tell others what our students are doing while pursuing their degree.  They are tutoring underprivileged youth, leading ministries in the city, planting churches, managing corporations, writing children’s books, interning at churches, policing our streets and neighborhoods, administering justice in a court of law, leading campus ministries, parenting their children, shepherding youth ministries, teaching elementary school, writing music and leading worship, sharing the gospel abroad and to internationals here in the city, and a number of other things to impact the Kingdom.

How do you prepare for seminary?

RTS has long been blessed with outstanding faculty who not only know the Word of God, but know how to apply it to their and our every day lives.  Below is a sample of wise counsel provided by our esteemed faculty that will answer questions common to the prospective or current student, such as:

“I’m not 100% sure about seminary; how will I know it is or is not for me?”

“I don’t want my relationship with the Lord to become academic; will studying the Bible like a textbook negatively impact my relationship with Him?”

Would you like to audit a class?

Auditing might be a great option if you’re not interested in pursuing a full degree and don’t have time to take on a full course load but you want to learn and engage with the material. If you would like to audit a course on the RTS Atlanta campus, you can request registration for an audit course today.