Since the institution plays a more prominent, ongoing role in distance education, supporting students is indispensable to student learning. Our staff are committed to being there for our distance students, and to that end we are eager to assist students in any way we can.

Edward Murray, Director of Admissions for Global Education can help you get started in one of our three Master of Arts degree programs. He can address your admissions questions, program questions and provide you with career, academic and personal advisement.

Alice Hathaway, the Registrar for Global Education, is a key link in our communication with students. She guides students through the process of registering for classes, advising them on which courses to take in what order, registering them for courses, providing transcripts, and sometimes just listening.

Support for students at every phase of their course or program is essential in distance education. The RTS Distance Education office of Student Services fills this role. The Student Services staff relate to students concerning all course assignments.

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