Dr. Ligon Duncan commends Making Sense of God by Dr. Timothy Keller. Making Sense of God is written for skeptics and Christians who want to help skeptical friends.

Hello, I’m Ligon Duncan, and this is RTS Book Notes. Today, I want to tell you about a book by Dr. Tim Keller. Dr. Keller is our partner at Reformed Theological Seminary in New York City and teaches there. I teach a course with him every January. And this is his book, Making Sense of God.

You may know his volume The Reason for God. Dr. Keller has a heart for reaching out with the gospel and the truth of Scripture to skeptics, to those who are religiously unaffiliated, and telling them about the glories of the truth of Jesus Christ revealed in God’s Word. And this book is written especially for those who are skeptical and agnostic, not religiously affiliated, may be disaffected by the church, but also to help believers know how to talk to skeptical friends. I want to commend this volume to you: Making Sense of God. It’s published by Penguin. Thanks for listening to RTS Book Notes.


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