Dr. Ligon Duncan discusses Dr. John Currid’s book Against the Gods. Against the Gods seeks to answer the question of whether or not the Old Testament writers borrowed from pagan sources.

Hello, I’m Ligon Duncan and this is RTS Book Notes. Today, I want to tell you about a book by Dr. John Currid. Dr. Currid is Chancellor’s Professor of Old Testament for the RTS system. He taught full-time at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson and Charlotte for many years. He’s very prolific. For instance, he’s written a commentary on the whole of the Pentateuch. But this is his book on the political theology of the Old Testament. If you ever wondered, ‘What is exactly the relationship between ancient Near Eastern background and context and Old Testament writings? Did the Old Testament writers borrow ideas from pagan sources?’ well, Dr. Currid, as not only an expert in Old Testament, but an archeologist and someone very knowledgeable of ancient Near Eastern studies, addresses those issues in this book.

If you are a campus minister, an apologist for the gospel, [or] a preacher preaching through a sermon series where you need to address some of these questions, John Currid will help you. The book is published by our friends at Crossway. It’s called Against the Gods. Thanks for listening to RTS Book Notes.


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