Retrospective Edition of RTS Magazine Honors Chancellor’s 10th Anniversary

Ministry & Leadership magazine

JACKSON, Miss. — A new retrospective edition of Ministry & Leadership, Reformed Theological Seminary’s institutional magazine, will commemorate the first 10 years of Dr. Ligon Duncan’s tenure as chancellor and CEO of the seminary.

Although normally a biannual publication printed in the spring and fall semesters, this larger edition of M&L will come out during the summer. Its content will remain relevant throughout the year as all of RTS celebrates the 10th anniversary of Dr. Duncan’s election as chancellor. The publication will tell the story of his years of service from a variety of perspectives, featuring special highlights from each RTS campus and bookended by stories of RTS’ past and hopes for its future.

“We’re very excited for this special edition of the magazine,” said Abby Wood, an M&L Managing Editor. “I think I speak for myself and the rest of the RTS communications team when I say it has been a real labor of love. Between eight campuses, an online program, and a couple of broader perspectives, we’ve been working with 11 total articles, each by a different author. The result is that this year’s edition gives a really full-orbed perspective on Dr. Duncan as a leader.”

Dr. Duncan was elected by the RTS Board of Trustees as chancellor and CEO in 2013, having taught for RTS since 1990. In addition, he serves as the president and John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at RTS Jackson. He not only lectures in Jackson, but also regularly travels to all the various RTS campuses to teach courses. Prior to his election as chancellor, Dr. Duncan served as the senior minister of the historic First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Miss.

In his 10 years as the seminary’s chief executive, Dr. Duncan has presided over the launch of new RTS campuses in New York City and Dallas and the Center for Reformed Theology in Indonesia, the full unification of the seminary’s curriculum, and, more recently, the highest total enrollment in institutional history. The 2023 edition of Ministry & Leadership tells the stories of RTS’ people, campuses, and programs in a way that seeks to underscore and honor Dr. Duncan’s leadership.

For over 30 years, RTS has published an institutional magazine with the goal that readers will be encouraged by what the Lord is doing through RTS and will view themselves as partners with RTS through prayer, encouragement, support, and student referral. In 2008, the name of the magazine was changed from Reformed Quarterly to Ministry & Leadership to better reflect the purpose for which it is written. More recently, in April 2023, the Evangelical Press Association announced Ministry & Leadership as an Award of Merit winner in the Higher Ed (Print) category for its 2023 Awards of Excellence.

“Serving Reformed Theological Seminary as its chancellor has been one of the great privileges of my life,” said Dr. Duncan. “I am thankful to the Lord for this stewardship, and I hope that this edition of Ministry & Leadership magazine, first, brings honor and glory to him for what he has graciously done in the last 10 years, and second, highlights the wonderful work of the whole RTS family.”

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