RTS Washington Adds a New Class Portfolio of Saturday Courses

(VIENNA, Va.) — Beginning in September 2019, Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., will offer a new portfolio of biblical and systematic theology courses. This portfolio is designed to prepare Christian leaders for the work of teaching and exposition of Scripture.

Intended for both ordained and unordained leaders, classes will cover Old Testament, New Testament, and Systematic Theology. These classes will be offered in both a new Saturday-only format and the traditional weekday format. The first Saturday class to be offered in this format will be Genesis-Deuteronomy, taught by Dr. Peter Lee, beginning September 7.

“This class portfolio encompasses the core of our seminary curriculum and makes it accessible to students in a new way,” said Dr. Scott Redd, President of RTS Washington. “We are strategically offering the entire portfolio in a new Saturday format in order to open these classes up to a whole new group of rising Bible teachers without impinging on the busy schedule of the workweek.”

The new class format responds to the needs for increased interest in biblical training and demand for scheduling flexibility among the student body and the constituencies they serve in the mid-Atlantic region. The course portfolio will also benefit those seeking theological training to serve as teachers, elders, deacons, small group leaders, and other ministry leaders, enabling them to become proficient in biblical and theological matters.

The number of Saturday meetings will depend on each class’s hours requirements—three Saturdays for a 2-credit class and five for a 3-credit class. Students who take Saturday-only courses could complete all Old Testament, New Testament, and Systematic Theology requirements over the course of six years in order to earn a Certificate. The portfolio will consist of four Old Testament courses, four New Testament courses, and five Systematic Theology courses.

For more information about this class portfolio, or to register, please contact Admissions.