RTS Washington Announces Inaugural Advanced Studies Cohort

VIENNA, Va. — Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington is pleased to announce the inaugural cohort for its Advanced Studies in Theology Program. Two students have been accepted to participate in the 2023-24 Advanced Studies Program, which offers preparation and mentoring to students who intend to pursue a doctoral degree beyond seminary.

joshua putrasahan
Joshua Putrasahan

Joshua Putrasahan is pursuing his Master of Divinity at RTS Washington and is a Pastoral Resident at Grace Mosaic in northeast Washington, D.C. Putrasahan hopes to pursue future studies in the works of Herman Bavinck and J.H. Bavinck as they relate to anthropology and Christian formation.

Isaac Whitney is a Master of Arts (Religion) student at RTS Washington and serves as a pastoral assistant at Christ Church West Chester in Pennsylvania. Whitney aspires toward doctoral studies in historical theology in neo-Calvinism, specifically related to the theological anthropology of Herman Bavinck.

Isaac Whitney
Isaac Whitney

“RTS Washington has long been committed to advancing academic study in the area of theology and biblical studies. I believe this endeavor is a major step forward in forming students in the pastor-scholar model,” said Dr. Scott Redd, President of RTS Washington.

Directed by Dr. Gray Sutanto, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, the Advanced Studies track includes seminars on advanced topics, instruction on research methods, Dutch language training, and a writing project. A generous grant from the Adam F. Redd family makes this program possible.

“I am thrilled for this opportunity to lead the Advanced Studies track at RTS Washington, and I hope that this program encourages and prepares students to apply the Reformed tradition to contemporary issues in the academy, culture, and the church,” said Dr. Sutanto.

RTS Washington students may apply to the Advanced Studies track, and accepted students participate in a one-year cohort. The campus will accept applications on a rolling basis with admission announcements anticipated in July of each year. To apply, submit a one- to two-page letter addressed to Dr. Sutanto (gsutanto@rts.edu) with the following information:

  • Name
  • RTS degree program
  • Undergraduate degree and institution
  • Other graduate degrees or institutions
  • A statement of research interest for future doctoral studies, demonstrating awareness of the field of intended study (please provide several paragraphs)

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