Dr. Paul Jeon Named Assistant Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology

Long-serving New Testament lecturer joins RTS Washington faculty

Dr. Paul Jeon
Dr. Paul Jeon

VIENNA, Va. — Reformed Theological Seminary’s board of trustees is pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Jeon has been appointed as Assistant Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology at RTS Washington, effective November 1, 2023.

Dr. Jeon has served as Lecturer in New Testament at RTS Washington, teaching at the Washington, Atlanta, and New York City campuses of RTS since 2009. He is also the planter and Senior Pastor of NewCity Church, a PCA congregation in Vienna, Va.

In his new role, Dr. Jeon will serve as a full member of RTS’ residential faculty, teaching courses in biblical Greek, New Testament studies, and pastoral theology.

“With this appointment, Dr. Jeon will greatly benefit our students with his considerable expertise in New Testament and pastoral theology,” said Dr. Scott Redd, RTS Washington President. “Dr. Jeon furthers the mission of RTS Washington through his example as a scholar and pastor. I am delighted to have him join our resident faculty and grow our campus’ capacity to serve the church by training the next generation of pastors and other leaders.”

Dr. Jeon earned a B.A. in modern American history at Brown University before graduate and postgraduate studies at Westminster Theological Seminary (MDiv) and The Catholic University of America (Ph.D.). He also holds an M.B.A. in finance and organizational behavior from George Washington University. Students and colleagues know Dr. Jeon for bringing pastoral wisdom to the classroom and striving to make theology practical for all of life.

“Dr. Jeon is the best kind of pastor-scholar,” said Dr. Tommy Keene, Academic Dean of the campus. “He brings academic and biblical rigor to every component of his ministry, and that ministry is both deep and wide. He’s no ‘ivory tower’ theologian. His expertise in the New Testament suffuses his pastoral work, whether that’s by preaching, teaching, or the hard work of church leadership.”

Dr. Jeon, his wife Geena, and their three children live in Fairfax, Va.