Dr. Gray Sutanto joins RTS Washington as Professor of Systematic Theology

Gray Sutanto(VIENNA, Va.) — Reformed Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gray Sutanto as Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at RTS Washington, beginning June 1, 2020.

“I could not be more thrilled about the appointment of Dr. Sutanto to our faculty,” said Dr. Scott Redd, President of the RTS Washington campus. “Gray’s winsome personality, academic acumen, pastoral experience, and focus on public theology make him a perfect fit for our campus and the community we serve in the Washington, D.C. area, as well as RTS’s global constituency.”

Dr. Gray Sutanto

Before joining RTS, Sutanto served as the pastor of Covenant City Church in Jakarta, Indonesia. Additionally, Sutanto sought to promote greater theological awareness in Jakarta, through conferences, public lectures, and popular publications. He consistently proclaimed and applied the Reformed faith in the public square.

“It is with genuine delight that I welcome Dr. Gray Sutanto to the Reformed Theological Seminary faculty,” said Dr. Ligon Duncan, RTS Chancellor and CEO. “Gray is a fellow alumnus of the University of Edinburgh, where he studied the modern Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck with the preeminent Bavinck scholar of our time, James Eglinton.”

Sutanto’s dissertation and subsequent academic publications have furthered appreciation for the Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck and the broader Reformed tradition. His most recent book, entitled God and Knowledge: Herman Bavinck’s Theological Epistemology (T&T Clark, 2020) advances studies in Reformed doctrines of human knowledge. Sutanto’s recent collaborative translation of Bavinck’s Christian Worldview (Crossway, 2019) has proven an invaluable contribution to Reformed scholarship.

“Dr. Sutanto is not only an excellent theologian, he is also a dedicated pastor, innovative thinker, and ardent defender of the faith,” said Dr. Thomas Keene, the academic dean of RTS Washington. “His love of Herman Bavinck and his devotion to Christ’s church will continue the tradition that his predecessor Dr. Howard Griffith established here. I have no doubt that he will thus prepare our students to be both rigorous in their theology and fruitful in their respective ministries.”

Sutanto’s international education and pastoral experience fits well at RTS, a school that historically appoints on pastor-theologians to its faculty. “Gray is young — by my estimate, the second youngest faculty member in the history of RTS,” commented Duncan. “He is already possessed of pastoral experience and instincts beyond his years, as well as being remarkably academically prolific. An Indonesian, educated in Southeast Asia, America and Britain, he brings a global perspective to his work of cultivating students in sound, biblical, confessional, Reformed theology. His wife, Indita, did her university in New York City (Fordham) and is looking forward to settling into life in Washington, DC with Gray. I can’t wait to see Gray bless our students.”

RTS Washington

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