Allen and Swain Publish Latest Addition to the Oxford Handbook Series

(OVIEDO, Fla.) — RTS Orlando President, Dr. Scott Swain, and RTS Orlando Academic Dean, Dr. Mike Allen, have edited the Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology. This work is the latest addition to the extensive, multi-disciplinary series of scholarly works published by Oxford University Press.

This comprehensive survey features specially commissioned essays by over forty leading scholars of Reformed theology. Dr. Allen, John Dyer Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology, said, “Oxford Handbooks serve as reference works. They give a state-of-the-art description of perennial resources and pertinent issues today. Our hope is that scholars and students alike will turn to this volume to encounter the centuries-long, global development of Reformed theology — its abiding questions, classic texts, key conversation partners, and many different streams, all represented by experts.”

Part I of the handbook looks first at the contexts in which Reformed theology was derived. It traces the patristic and medieval heritage of the Reformed church, as well as the modern relationships and conversations that define the contemporary, global Reformed movement. Part II offers an assessment of representative theologians and texts, their history, and their contributions to the Reformed tradition. Finally, Part III presents key themes, topics, and doctrines examined by today’s Reformed theologians, and discussions about current research.

Dr. Swain, who serves as James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Systematic Theology, added, “Reformed theology continues to be a vibrant resource for Christian faith throughout the world. For this reason, it also continues to be a topic of interest for academic study. Our hope in publishing The Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology is to serve teachers and students of Reformed theology. By providing an up-to-date introduction to its historical contexts, classic texts, and major themes, we can provide a foundation for further research and inform the discipline of theology.”

The Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology is available for pre-order from Oxford University Press. It will ship in fall 2020.