Dr. Guy Waters Publishes New Book

JACKSON, Miss. — Dr. Guy P. Waters recently published a new book: Well Ordered, Living Well: A Field Guide to Presbyterian Church Government. Dr. Waters is the James M. Baird, Jr. Professor of New Testament and Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson.

Dr. Waters shared his inspiration behind the book and why he believes this book would be a helpful tool for the reader, saying, “I wrote Well Ordered, Living Well to introduce Christians to the Bible’s teaching about the church and the church’s government. I want believers to grasp why understanding this teaching is important to living their Christian lives well. I also intend for this book to be a resource for seminary students, pastors, and elders to teach about the church and church government in Sunday School classes, new members classes, small group studies, and other settings in the local church.”

The book gives the reader a helpful introduction to Presbyterian church polity. Initial chapters focus on the central tenets of a Presbyterian form of government, whereas later chapters address questions related to doctrine of the church. Dr. Waters aims to answer questions on topics such as why church government matters, what makes a church, and how the church is led.

In an endorsement of the book, Dr. Harry L. Reeder III, Senior Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Ala., said, “The church’s ability to fulfill its mission, stay faithful to its message with longevity and integrity, and engage in its ministries with efficacy is directly related to how the church is led. How the church is led is dependent on the structure of its government lining up with biblical principles. Biblical church government is crucial for pastors in shepherding their flock and to encourage the people of God to be submissive to the word of God, those who lead them, and to one another. This biblical, faithful, and accessible volume written for all Christians is more than useful and commendable—it is vital.”

Well Ordered, Living Well: A Field Guide to Presbyterian Church Government is available to order directly from Reformation Heritage Books or where most books are sold. Dr. Waters also recently spoke about the book in an episode of RTS Jackson’s Online Discussion Forum.